Film | Date: 2010 | Sortie du film: 2000 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 1200 copies


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# Track   Duration
CD 1 - Orchestral Score by David C. Williams
4.Marley's Plight / Nightingale5:43
5.Searching the Tug1:29
7.Troy's Plan1:47
10.Finding Bodies3:00
11.Ben's Battle2:15
12.The Greatest Treasure1:36
14.Troy's Up1:49
15.Mine Peril1:27
16.I'm Right Here1:26
18.Distress Call / Interrogation / Preparation5:56
19.It's All Stardust4:26
20.Incoming Tug2:02
21.Landing RRT1:32
22.Locked Out1:56
23.Titan Reprise3:03
# Track   Duration
CD 2 - Additional Music by Burkhard Dallwitz (Rejected Score)
2.Floating / card Game3:29
3.D-Jump / Marley's Death4:54
4.Troy Arrives / Troy Examination2:08
5.Troy and Danika Meet / Troy and Nick1:29
6.A.O. 12:19
7.Nick and Kaela1:15
8.Nick LEaves / Mineshaft / Troy and Danika4:25
9.Zero Gravity1:53
10.Frozen / A.O. 23:39
11.Fetus / Machine Attack5:04
12.Troy Kills Danika / Troy Kills Yerzy / troy Gets Harpooned5:13
13.Troy Kills Bejie / Troy Chases Kaela / Nick Returns3:33
15.Big Fight / Robot4:22
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World premiere 2-CD set presents both original soundtracks for Walter Hill sci-fi action tale starring James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Phillips. CD 1 features mostly used symphonic score by David Williams, packed with dynamic action music, suspenseful space sequences. Aggressive, rhythmic action cues are highlights. CD 2 features mostly unused score by Burkhard Dallwitz. Here, vibrant array of electronic effects, multiple keyboards, synthesizer rhythms is name of the game. Both scores appear in crisp stereo from original master elements with both composers supervising their contributions.

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