Firefly : Music For Solo Piano

BSX Records (712187489393)
Film | Date: 2014 | Type: CD, Téléchargement
Edition limitée: 1000 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Firefly: Main Title (Vocal)Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser Performed by Brian “Hacksaw” Williams2:20
2.Cows / New Dress / My Crew2:29
3.Dying Ship / Naked Mal2:16
4.The Funeral2:31
5.Inara’s Suite3:35
6.Inside the Tam House2:42
8.Out of Gas / Empty Derelict1:47
9.River Tricks Early3:42
10.River’s Dance1:27
11.River’s Perception / Saffron1:32
12.Tears / River’s Eyes2:08
13.Firefly: Main Title (Piano)1:10
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