The Karate Kid / The Right Stuff

Film | Date: 1999 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
The Karate Kid
1.Main Title3:30
2.Fight Night1:57
3.A Bumpy Ride1:47
4.Miyagi Rattles The Bones2:36
5.Miyagi Intercedes1:25
6.On To Miyagi's1:29
7.The Pact1:00
8.Japanese Sander1:23
9.Daniel Sees The Bird2:32
10.Fish And Train2:23
11.Training Hard2:24
12.The Kiss1:00
13.Daniel's Courage0:42
14.The Moment of Truth3:34
The Right Stuff ( Original Score )
15.Breaking The Sound Barrier/Shepard's Flight7:20
17.Almost Ready1:55
18.Flight of the F-1042:23
19.Glenn's Flight5:05
21.Yeager's Triumph5:31
Bonus Tracks
22.An Unmarried Woman Suite5:50
23.Theme from F.I.S.T.4:10
24.Checkpoint from Gotcha2:59
25.Over The Edge from Gotcha2:35
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