Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor / The Time Of The Doctor

Série TV/Film de TV | Date de sortie: 24/11/2014 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
The Day Of The Doctor
1.I.M Foreman1:10
2.Will There Be Cocktails?0:40
3.It’s Him (The Majestic Tale)2:04
4.He Was There4:22
5.No More1:05
6.The War Room1:42
7.Footprints In The Sand1:42
8.Who Are You4:37
9.England 15621:02
10.Nice Horse1:43
11.The Fez And The Portal2:44
12.Two Doctors1:01
13.Three Doctors1:56
14.Somewhere To Hide1:50
15.Rescue The Doctor1:08
16.2.47 Billion4:28
17.Zygon In The Painting1:34
18.Man And Wife1:32
19.We Don’t Need To Land2:27
20.We Are The Doctors0:48
21.The Moment Has Come3:05
22.This Time There’s Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale)7:05
23.Song For Four/Home3:40
# Track   Duration
The Time Of The Doctor
1.The Message1:15
3.The Dance Of The Naked Doctor2:12
4.You Saved It0:56
5.Papal Mainframe0:44
6.Tasha Lemm1:06
7.Bedroom Talk1:48
8.The Mission0:56
10.The Crack5:24
11.Rhapsody Of War0:52
12.Back To Christmas3:09
13.Snow Over Trenzalore (Song For Four)2:45
14.Beginning Of The End2:46
15.This Is How It Ends3:06
16.Never Tell Me The Rules3:11
17.Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise)4:03
18.Hello Twelve0:39
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2013 was an epochal year for Doctor Who and the two specials reflected the series monumental impact as a British cultural icon. The Day Of The Doctor celebrated the 50th anniversary of the series with a story that weaved in many references to its distinguished past and was transmitted to 94 countries, the largest ever simulcast for a TV drama. The Time Of The Doctor in the now traditional Christmas Day slot showcased the departure of Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s debut as the twelfth Doctor. With this 2 CD release, Murray Gold’s best-selling music for the series extends the catalogue to nine years of superbly crafted themes from uplifting and exciting to reflective and melancholic.

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