Blood Brothers
1995 London Cast Recording

Musical | Date de sortie: 01/11/1995 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
2.Marilyn Monroe 
3.My Child 
4.Easy Terms 
5.Shoes Upon The Table 
6.July 18th 
7.Kids' Game 
8.Gypsies In The Wood 
9.Long Sunday Afternoon/My Friend 
10.Bright New Day 
11.Entr'acte/Marilyn Monroe 2 
13.That Guy 
14.Summer Sequence 
15.I'm Not Saying A Word 
16.One Day In October 
17.Take A Letter Miss Jones 
18.The Robbery 
19.Marilyn Monroe 3 
20.Light Romance/Madman 
21.The Council Chamber 
22.Tell Me It's Not True 
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