King Kong

Sony Classical (886976385927)
Turner Classic Movies (081227559724)
Film | Date: 1999 | Sortie du film: 1933 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
The Story of King Kong (With Dialogue from the Film)
1.The Adventure Begins4:53
2.Aboard Ship4:28
3.Arrival at Skull Island8:50
4.The Ship at Night4:04
5.A Bride for Kong6:42
6.The Log Sequence2:13
7.Denham's Escape1:39
8.Kong Attacks the Village7:07
9.Kong in New York2:41
10.Kong Escapes2:20
11.Death of King Kong3:43
King Kong Music Suite (Uninterrupted)
12.Main Title1:39
13.A Boat in the Fog1:32
14.The Forgotten Island I2:02
15.The Forgotten Island II1:19
16.Jungle Dance2:58
17.The Sailors4:22
18.The Bronte3:25
19.Stolen Love & Humorous ape2:42
20.The Aeroplane & Finale4:55
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