The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen
Bonus Disc

Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 1996 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea(Main Title With Voice Over & Fx)0:30
2.Richard Basehart Interview(1966)4:59
3.David Hedison Interview(1966)2:49
4.David Hedison Interview(1995)1:53
5.Voyage To The Bottom Of The SeaLong End Credit (Seaview Theme)0:39
6.Voyage To The Bottom Of The SeaJerry Goldsmith Arr. Nelson Riddle1:00
7.Lost In Space: (Main TitleSeason One)0:56
8.Jonathon Harris InterviewThe Character Of Dr. Smith1:28
9.Jonathon Harris InterviewThe Alliteratives1:45
10.Lost In Space: (Main TitleSeason Two)1:01
11.Billy Mumy Interview(Includes 'Greensleeves')3:04
12.Marta Kristen Interview1:41
13.Sloop John B(From 'Castles In Space')1:13
14.Angela Cartwright Interview1:05
15.Mark Goddard Interview0:44
16.Studs In Space I(Radio Spot)1:00
17.'Space-A-Delic'(From 'The Promised Planet')3:50
18.Studs In Space Ii(Radio Spot)1:01
19.Lost In SpaceAlt. End Credit0:40
20.The Time Tunnel (W. Tic Toc Fx)0:35
21.Robert Colbert Interview1:50
22.James Darren Interview1:50
23.Lee Meriwether Interview0:38
24.The Time Tunnel (End Credit)0:40
25.Land Of The Giants (Main Title Season One)1:00
26.Gary Conway Interview2:02
27.Deanna Lund Interview1:26
28.Land Of The Giants (Main Title Season Two)1:00
29.Don Marshall Interview0:41
30.Don Matheson Interview1:57
31.Land Of The Giants -(Alternate Main Title)1:01
32.'Warning, Warning'0:03
33.'My Sensors Indicate An Intruder Is Present'0:03
34.'Danger, Danger'0:03
35.'That Does No Compute'0:03
36.'Danger, Danger, Will Robinson'0:03
37.'My Power Cells Are Extremely Low'0:05
38.'It Is Dr. Smith Who Is A Bubble-Headed Booby'0:03
39.'Dr. Smith Is Incapable Of Telling The Truth'0:03
40.'Sorry I Was Just Cleaning My Tapes'0:04
41.'You And I Are Friends, Will Robinson'0:03
42.'I Am Lost In Space'0:03
43.Jupiter Ii Interior: Freezing Tubes Close, Glow Inducewd, Hatch Closes, Lift Off2:07
44.Robots Activated0:51
45.Jupiter Ii In Flight0:44
46.Jupiter Ii Lands, Legs Extend1:13
47.Alpha Control Interior1:25
48.Jupiter Ii Crash-Lands0:33
49.Laser Pistol0:07
50.Jet Pack Lift-Off0:30
51.Cyclops Roars, Shot By Laser, Falls0:28
52.Debbie The Bloop0:09
53.Monster Spores0:21
54.Laser Drill0:13
55.Electronic Pop #1 (3)0:10
56.Electronic Pop #2 (3)0:08
57.Electronic Pop #3 (3)0:09
58.Electronic Pop #4 (3)0:10
59.Electronic Pop #5 (3)0:06
60.Alarm Beep0:20
61.Alien Viewing Screen0:20
62.Oscillator #10:48
63.The Keeper's Staff #10:19
64.The Keeper's Staff #20:19
65.Oscillator #20:45
66.Forcefield Projector0:23
67.Jupiter Ii Astrogator0:29
68.Meteor Pass-By (2)0:10
69.Oscillator #31:30
70.Siren #10:32
71.Siren #20:31
72.Alien Computer0:45
73.Spooky Winds0:40
74.Time Tunnel Viewscreen Activates0:09
75.Seaview Exterior0:44
76.Flying Sub Pass-By0:48
77.Seaview Bridge Interior0:45
78.Seaview Computer Click0:25
79.Sheila Mathews Interview1:06
80.Greensleeves '962:28
81.Sloop John B '963:37
82.Land Of The Giants(Main Title Season Two)1:00
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