The Brave Little Toaster

Percepto Records (0670917108122)
Film | Date: 2005 | Sortie du film: 1987 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:23
2.They All Wake Up2:42
3.Blanket's Dream2:28
4.The Air Conditioner Blows1:20
5.They Decide to Go0:52
6.They Look For Transportation0:50
7.Out Into the World1:40
8.''City of Lights''2:59
9.Blanket Looks for a Plase to Sleep1:04
10.The Pond/Busby Berkley/The Meadow5:35
11.Toaster's Dream1:16
12.The Storm1:36
13.Blanket is Blown Away1:37
14.The Waterfall0:58
15.Vacuum Rescues the Group1:29
16.They Sink in the Mud1:26
17.In the Shop0:56
18.Blender's Motor is Sold1:30
19.''It's a 'B' Movie''3:03
20.Radio is Stalked1:04
21.Happy Travel1:12
22.Into the City1:29
23.''Cutting Edge''2:29
24.Junkyard Montage1:25
27.End Title3:36
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