The Addams Family

Film | Date: 2014 | Sortie du film: 1991 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 3000 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Carol of the Bells / The Fa-La-La Song / Deck the Halls1:08
2.Main Titles1:50
5.Tully’s Entrance / For Fester1:01
6.Séances and Swordfights1:43
7.The Tully Crawl / Gone With the Wind / Tully & Fester2:48
8.Bermuda Love / Fester Snoops1:15
9.Thing at Door1:39
11.Open & Enter Vault / Fester Sees Gold / Gold Gliss1:40
12.The Mooche3:32
13.Take It Off / Family Plotz4:15
15.A Party… For Me?5:21
16.Pre-Mamushka Violin0:32
18.Pugsley Platter / Search / Finding Wednesday1:48
19.I Am That Fool! (unused)0:19
20.Fester Exposed2:05
21.Trio Bungled / Pep Talk1:15
22.Thing Gets to Work (film version)0:37
23.The Rescue8:45
Bonus Tracks
25.Pre-Séance / Séance Music2:03
26.Playmates (instrumental)0:25
27.Thing Gets to Work (album version)0:58
28.Addams Family Theatrical Trailer1:11
29.Mamushka (instrumental and choir)3:35
30.Waltz Potpourri (themes demo)4:54
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Paramount Pictures, UME and La-La Land Records are proud to announce the expanded and remastered edition of Marc Shaiman’s altogether ooky THE ADDAMS FAMILY score. Filled with lush and exciting themes, Marc Shaiman’s sweeping orchestral score dances about with such glee you can’t help but smile while listening to his masterpiece. Clocking in at 70 minutes, this new and improved limited edition cd features tons of music never before released including tracks that were recorded for the film but didn’t make the final cut. Dan Schweiger takes the listener behind the scenes of the film’s history and Shaiman’s magical score…also includes exclusive comments by director Barry Sonnenfeld and composer Marc Shaiman. Dan Goldwasser’s kooky art direction gives the package that perfect spooky look worthy of the Addams’ name!

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