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Ghost Master

Game soundtrack | Date: 2003 | Sortie du film: 2003 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Title Scream1:52
2.Introduction Animation2:43
3.Map Of Gravenville1:35
4.Welcome To Gravenville2:25
5.Haunter Selection1:02
6.A Bit Of Quiet Haunting3:26
7.Watch Out For The Iceman2:32
8.Feeling Spooky2:42
9.In The Haunting Realms3:03
10.Blair Wisp Prelude0:31
11.Unusual Suspects Prelude1:10
12.Deadfellas Prelude0:36
13.Spooky Hollow0:47
14.Facepacks & Broomsticks Prelude0:52
15.Ghoul Interrupted Prelude0:35
16.Ghost Action #1 - Bateman's Lair3:04
17.Getting Down With The Spooks3:27
18.Hi-Scare Table0:34
19.Ghost Master Trailer2:49
20.A Bit Of Quiet Haunting Part 22:36
21.Summoners Not Included Prelude1:00
22.Full Mortal Jacket Prelude1:10
24.Ghost Action #2 - Paranoia Unleashed1:53
25.Ghost Breakers Prelude1:19
26.Danse Macabre0:31
27.Chilling In The Astral Plane1:40
28.Ghost Action #3 - Gregg's Revenge2:44
29.Ghoul Room2:54
30.Ouija Board1:15
31.Trailer Pre-Production2:49
32.Ghost Action #4 - Spook Me Baby3:04
33.End Sequence0:48
34.End Credits2:07
35.A Conversation With Sick Puppies1:38
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