Bruce Babcock: Orchestral Music for Film

Film Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 2004 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.The Consulting Detective from Father Dowling: Sherlock Summoned, Holmes On The Case, No Regrets3:25
2.Matlock Montage: Black Widow, Channeler, Dark And Stormy Night, A Long Time Ago, Country Road, Stranger In Town7:16
3.Murder, She Wrote Montage: Into Africa, Hong Kong, Gotham, Absent Father, Stolen Music, Prodigy, Agoraphobia, Nightmare9:31
4.Diagnosis Murder Montage: Nuns On Bikes, Murder In The Chapel3:00
5.The Clown from Matlock: Circus Waltz, Clown Vs. Cop2:41
6.The Wind Around The Tower from Murder, She Wrote5:27
7.The Guns of Paradise Montage4:08
8.Father Dowling Montage: Blind Justice, Priestly Termite Inspector, Bad Trip, Left At The Altar, Hard-Boiled Priest, Christmas Morning7:28
9.The Strangler from Matlock8:37
10.London Orchestral Sketches (excerpts): Storybook, Final Pursuit, The Return, Escape, Heroes11:18
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