Forever Knight

GNP Crescendo US (0052824301429)
Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 2002 | Sortie du film: 1989 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Forever Knight Theme1:30
2.The HungerLori Yates3:12
3.What a wonderful thing humanity is...Nigel Bennett (dialogue)0:16
4.Dark Knight - France 1228 / Cherry Blossoms - The Ambush3:29
5.Suite from Queen of Harps7:23
6.Suite from The Hunted5:23
7.Nick's Piano Theme / Suite from Forward into the PastGeraint Wyn Davies6:58
8.Black RoseLori Yates3:42
9.Suite from Amateur Night5:19
10.If you love something....0:11
11.Suite from Be My Valentine6:41
12.Father Figure (Nick's lullabye to Lisa)2:30
13.Suite from Dark Knight6:12
14.You would do well to avoid me....Nigel Bennett (dialogue)0:14
15.Touch the NightLori Yates4:21
16.Avenging Angel - Time Stands Still3:02
17.Curiouser and Curiouser - Nick and Janette1:39
18.Suite from Undue Process5:06
19.Suite from A More Permanent Hell4:16
20.Baby, Baby - CN Tower Finale1:34
21.Only one thing is truly permanent....Nigel Bennett (dialogue)0:17
22.Dark Side of the GlassLori Yates3:21
# Track   Duration
1.Forever Knight Main Title-Long Version1:43
2.The Night Calls My Name3:21
4.Suite From Black Buddha5:06
5.Suite From Blackwing6:22
6.You Are One Strange Guy0:17
7.Suite From The Human Factor8:41
8.Heart Of Darkness3:47
9.Suite From Faithful Followers4:42
10.Suite From Let No Man Tear Asunder3:41
11.Knight In Question / ER Tension1:40
12.Lacroix Reads A Book0:17
13.Destiny's Edge3:18
14.Suite From Stranger Than Fiction2:40
15.How Does He Do It0:16
16.Charlie And Lucy / Nick Flies1:27
17.Suite From The Fever3:13
18.Ashes To Ashes / More Lacroix And Divia2:16
19.Hasta La Bye Bye0:26
20.Suite From Games Vampires Play3:43
21.The Hunter / Nick Flashback1:48
22.One Law0:27
23.Break The Silence3:14
24.Now I Have Faith0:18
25.Suite From Last Knight9:01
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