The Best of Highlander - The Series

GNP Crescendo US (0052824807822)
Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 2002 | Sortie du film: 1992 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Bonny Portmore (from Not To Be)5:01
2.Hymn To A Time (form The Blitz)2:32
3.Hand In Hand (from Band of Brothers)2:28
4.Michelin Mush (from The Immortal Cimoli)2:09
5.A Woody Through Time (form Warmonger)2:10
6.Debra On Stream/Think Of Me (from Homeland)1:54
7.Will Ye No Come Back Again (from Through A Glass Darkly)2:13
8.Big River (from Mountain Men)3:29
9.En Position / A Life Upside Down (from Eye Of The Beholder) Hans Kirschner (from Modern Prometheus)3:29
10.Hans Kirschner (from Modern Prometheus)1:27
11.Heart Come Back (from Methos)2:38
12.Kansas Toto (from Something Wicked)2:04
13.Slow On A Road (from Nowhere To Run)1:56
14.The Unexpected (from Glory Days)3:15
15.The Battle Of Preston (from Through A Glass Darkly)1:54
16.All My Life (from Duende)1:58
17.He's A Star / Level Playing Field (from Revenge Of The Swo...5:07
18.I'm Done (from Manhunt)1:54
19.Jacques Berri (from Money No Object)1:45
20.Canister Man (from Money No Object)1:29
21.Richie Remembered (from Archangel)1:56
22.We'll Meet Again (from The Blitz)1:35
23.Bonny Portmore - Reprise (from Homeland)3:58
24.For Forever (from Highlander - A Celtic Opera)3:47
25.Magic of the Old Gods (from Highlander - A Celtic Opera)3:10
26.Forever In You (from Highlander - A Celtic Opera)3:28
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