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Film | Date: 1992 | Sortie du film: 1940 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.When you wish upon a star3:13
2.Little wooden head5:43
3.Clock sequence0:53
4.Kitten theme0:38
5.The blue fairy3:26
6.Give a little whistle1:36
7.Old Gepetto4:42
8.Off to school4:17
9.Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An actors life for me)1:39
10.So sorry1:34
11.I´ve got no strings2:21
12.Sinister Stromboli2:26
13.Sad reunion3:20
14.Lesson in lies2:29
15.Turn on the old music box0:48
16.Coach to Pleasure Island4:44
17.Angry Cricket1:18
19.Message from the Blue Fairy1:28
20.To the rescue0:32
21.Deep ripples1:27
22.Desolation theme1:40
23.Monstro awakens2:01
24.Whale chase3:18
25.A real boy1:42
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