The Black Bird

Film | Date de sortie: 05/07/2010 | Sortie du film: 1975 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 1500 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:57
2.Down The Shaft1:37
3.Flakey Lady Tango2:35
4.Dead Body0:35
5.Exterior Rhythm Room0:45
6.Reminiscent Rhythm Room Medley #12:19
7.Reminiscent Rhythm Room Medley #21:50
8.Chase Through Kitchen1:19
9.Anna's Life Story3:15
10.First Seduction Scene1:41
11.Be Careful1:52
12.Palace Of Fine Arts1:26
13.Litvak's Muzak2:13
14.The Rescue2:25
15.Second Seduction Scene3:44
16.Palace Of Fine Art Revisited0:54
17.Litvak Dances And Dies3:09
18.Big Fight0:24
19.Funky Street1:08
20.The Revelation1:13
21.End Credits2:14
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Delight for Jerry Fielding fans! World premiere release of complete soundtrack to David Giler send-up of THE MALTESE FALCON with George Segal (as Sam Spade, Jr.) plus players from original 1941 classic (Lee Patrick, Elisha Cook, Jr.). Fielding establishes with lively, frenzied idea for orchestra plus synthesizer, then goes in numerous directions: sparkling big band, dramatically rhythmic, politely romantic, deadly serious, you name it. Intrada presents score in dynamic audio from excellent condition 1/4' two-track stereo session masters courtesy of Sony Pictures. Produced by Douglass Fake. Nick Redman offers insights on film, score in colorful booklet. Jerry Fielding conducts.

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