Chicken Little

Film | Date: 2005 | Sortie du film: 2005 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Storybook / Run For Your Life1:54
2.Chicken tries to Explain1:37
3.Lay Low1:45
4.Mutton Class1:27
5.Drive Home2:24
6.Play Ball5:05
7.Chicken Wins Pennant1:21
8.Investigating Panel1:15
9.The Big Debate1:33
10.Flying Fish1:09
11.Ship Lands At Oakey2:09
12.Spacecraft Escape3:11
14.Dad Apologizes To Crowd1:53
15.Alien Invasion1:57
16.Dad´s Realization1:31
17.Aliens Depart0:51
18.Chicken Little Story1:08
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Chicken Little (2005)

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