Draft Day

Lakeshore Records (0780163437522)
Film | Date de sortie: 01/04/2014 | Sortie du film: 2014 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
2.Most Desperate Guy You Know1:29
3.Ray Jennings1:14
4.Seattle Transition1:30
5.Well, That's That1:02
6.How Important Is Winning?1:07
7.God Damn Reverence0:54
8.Sacked 12 Times1:07
9.Bathroom Mirrors0:50
10.Even the Great Ones1:05
11.Yes or No1:34
12.Women Are Tricky1:37
13.U of W1:01
15.The Team I Wanted1:58
16.It's Still Callahan1:48
17.Game Tape1:28
18.Ali Finds Note1:14
19.It Was Brian1:56
20.God Damn Ashes1:11
21.Bo Callahan and Ray Jennings Arrive1:48
22.Sonny Calls Bo1:10
23.Pre-Draft Parties1:32
24.Brown on the Clock2:55
25.War Room0:45
26.Things I Love About You1:03
27.Get Jeff Carson1:15
28.Carson Says Deal1:04
29.Made a Trade, It's Me1:30
30.Get Putney, Different World3:10
31.Seattle Gets Bo1:04
32.Coach Call Ray Jennings2:22
33.We're Going to Have a Baby1:44
34.Browns Kick Off1:31
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