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Tot ziens

Film | Date: 1995 | Sortie du film: 1995 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
2.Ice skating rink2:09
3.Let's cycle!1:16
5.Laura's confusion0:43
7.From Laura to Jan1:12
8.Making love2:02
11.Radio music no. 10:30
12.Radio music no. 20:56
13.Radio music no. 30:51
14.Radio music no. 40:20
15.Radio music no. 51:27
16.Radio music no. 60:22
17.Tom Thumb0:42
18.Tot ziens violin0:56
19.Tot ziens viola1:02
20.Tot ziens credits2:43
22.Film no. 13:15
23.Sad look Dame3:00
24.Lonely square2:26
25.Stories, I tell myself0:37
26.Bottle of wine2:52
27.Dancing on the stairs0:39
28.Full moon0:53
29.Four times my heart1:22
30.Four questions, four answers0:35
31.Dining with a cellist2:46
32.Four times my heart, credits1:40
33.Your opinion, please1:16
34.Tot ziens party music no 22:46
35.Tot ziens music Stefan1:31
36.Tot ziens party music no 32:28
37.Tot ziens piano1:29
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