The Very Best of SeaChange

ABC Records Australia (9397603336928)
Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 2001 | Sortie du film: 1998 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Hard LoveVika & Linda4:40
2.Maybe This Time For SurePaul Kelly2:55
3.False WaltzLisa Miller4:04
4.Down by the RiverbedThe Backsliders5:10
5.Kurongk Boy, Kurongk GirlRuby Hunter3:33
6.Home AgainMark Seymour4:03
7.Big Blue AboveKavisha Mazzella2:20
8.Bring Yourself Home to MeJimmy Little3:42
10.I Scare MyselfRenee & Uncle Bill4:25
11.Staying in The ShackAzo & Sara4:25
12.Because I Love YouThe Masters & Apprentices4:33
13.PartyChristine Anu3:13
14.Dancing (With My Spirit)Archie Roach4:17
15.Ocean BeastFelt1:49
16.Angel Full of GraceGoanna6:26
17.Freedom CallingColin Hay5:00
18.This is Not the Real WorldKarma County5:21
19.Seachange Theme Song Wendy Morrison & Richard Pleasance4:37
# Track   Duration
The soundtrack composed by Richard Pleasance
1.Trev's Scuttle3:13
2.SeaChange (Opening Titles)0:50
3.My Son is Gay1:54
5.She's My Mother4:30
6.Boat Shed Blues0:46
8.Bombastic Bob2:35
9.Fiddle Jig1:39
10.Willy Boy1:35
11.Surf's Up for Angus1:03
14.Touch of Spaghetti2:12
15.Warwick's Blues0:56
16.I Like to swim1:35
17.Bay of Pearls2:11
18.Meredith's Theme1:39
19.Meredith's Dead0:51
20.Leaving Theme1:17
21.Miranda's Theme2:07
22.Temperature's Rising1:17
23.Laura I'm Fine2:09
24.Theo's Bounce1:27
25.Sad Phrani1:29
26.SeaChange Wedding3:36
27.Original SeaChange Theme Demo1:55
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