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The Blob
(and other creepy sounds)

Monstrous Movie Music (0611225000005)
Film | Date: 2006 | Sortie du film: 1958 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.The BlobBurt Bacharach & Mack David2:39
2.Violence (unused Main Title)1:37
3.Love Theme (Romantic Bridge)0:17
4.Shooting Star3:06
5.Violent Bridge0:08
6.Under Pressure1:29
7.Hidden Pressure1:34
8.Empty Crater0:34
9.House Of Trouble1:03
10.Weird Menace1:51
11.Horror Bridge0:23
12.Barren Acres1:26
15.Approaching Monster1:16
16.Twilight Reverie1:28
17.Closing The Trap0:17
18.Love Theme1:09
19.Stress And Strain0:39
21.Dark Vigil0:56
22.Over The Edge0:24
23.End Of The Line1:06
24.High Tension1:37
26.In Your Arms1:30
27.Summer Garden0:37
28.Climactic Curtain0:32
Suspense cues from 'The Valentino Production Music Library' composed by Roger Roger, A. F. Lavagnino, Mario Nascimbene, etc.
29.Dreaming Awake0:42
30.Spell Of The Unknown1:28
31.Charms Of Space1:07
32.Birds In Flight3:08
33.New Threat1:03
34.Escape In The Night1:09
35.The Search Beyond3:27
38.Nocturnal Adventure1:45
40.Toward Discovery1:40
41.Boy Meets Girl Background1:01
42.Mob Scene1:14
43.Martian’s Patrol1:54
44.Spectre Castle1:27
45.Celestial Wonder0:51
46.Shadowy Night0:26
47.Moon Walk1:27
48.Shock Treatment1:19
49.Sliding Bridge0:25
50.Flame Out0:42
51.Gateway To Glory2:00
52.Whimsical Tale3:05
53.Holiday Excursion3:15
The Blob - Bonus tracks
54.46th Street Stomp1:25
55.Bar Fly2:21
56.Timpani & Cymbal0:08
57.Love Theme (Romantic Bridge) (alternate take)0:27
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