Mickey & Judy
The Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney Collection

Rhino Records (0081227192129)
Film Musical | Date: 1995 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:04
4.Good Morning2:00
5.Mickey Proposes2:49
6.Opera vs. Jazz, Part 11:59
7.Opera vs. Jazz, Part 21:26
8.Opera vs. Jazz, Part 31:16
9.Opera vs. Jazz, Part 40:51
10.Babes In Arms4:31
11.Mickey's Bedroom1:32
12.Mickey Proposes Again1:31
13.Where Or When2:45
14.Where Or When reprise2:11
15.Mickey Leaves For Dinner / Dinner At Eight (The Lady Is A Tramp)4:38
16.Good Morning reprise1:47
17.Rehearsal Dance0:32
18.Mickey Breaks The News1:56
19.Baby Rosalie Theme1:17
20.Oriental Theme1:22
21.I Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry Over Me)4:04
22.Judy In Mother's Dressing Room1:14
23.Minstrel Show, Part 11:10
24.De Camptown Races / Old Folks At Home / Oh! Suzanna1:27
25.Minstrel Show, Part 21:30
26.Minstrel Show, Part 30:14
27.Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider /(On) Moonlight Bay0:59
28.I'm Just Wild About Harry2:00
29.Father In Agent's Office1:44
30.Finale, Part 1 /God's Country3:43
31.Finale, Part 2 /My Day1:19
32.Finale, Part 30:57
33.Finale, Part 4 /Good Morning0:35
34.Finale, Part 5 /God's Country0:48
35.End Title0:37
Supplemental Material
36.Good Morning1:11
37.I Cried For You (Now It's Your Turn To Cry Over Me)4:04
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Main Title1:53
2.National Emblem (March)0:46
3.Our Love Affair, Part 11:11
4.Our Love Affair, Part 23:46
5.Our Love Affair, Part 30:43
6.Our Love Affair, Part 40:52
7.Our Love Affair, Part 51:04
8.Do The La Conga5:38
9.An Old Story, Part 15:00
10.Green Lantern Cafe1:23
13.Porch Love Scene3:04
14.Nell Of New Rochelle19:03
15.When Day Is Done1:17
16.(My) Wonderful One0:59
17.Drummer Boy3:58
18.An Old Story, Part 21:34
19.Finale, Part 11:14
20.Finale, Part 2 /Strike Up The Band2:32
21.Finale, Part 3 /Do The La Conga0:58
22.Finale, Part 4 /Our Love Affair1:41
23.Finale, Part 5 /Drummer Boy0:47
24.Finale, Part 6 /Strike Up The Band (extended version)1:25
25.End Title0:35
Supplemental Material
26.Travel And Contest Montage0:59
27.Our Love AffairOrchestra3:36
# Track   Duration
1.Main Title1:22
2.Alexander Woollcott1:47
3.Anything Can Happen In New York /Bow Music2:53
4.How About You?5:46
5.Sketch, Part 15:11
6.Sketch, Part 1 (The Man I Love)2:49
7.Hoe Down7:55
8.Introduction To Block Party / Block Party Fanfare0:30
9.Chin Up! Cheerio! Carry On!3:37
10.Ghost Theatre Prelude2:49
11.Mary's A Grand Old Name1:17
12.She Is Ma Daisy0:47
13.I've Got Rings On My Fingers0:43
14.Bernhardt (La Marseillaise)0:48
15.The Yankee Doodle Boy1:30
16.Stage Montage Introduction0:30
17.Bombshell From Brazil1:19
18.Mama Yo Quiero/Bow Music1:29
19.Minstrel Show, Part 11:41
20.Blackout Over Broadway2:17
21.Minstrel Show, Part 21:07
22.By The Light Of The Silvery Moon1:08
23.Minstrel Show, Part 30:18
24.F.D.R. Jones2:29
25.Minstrel Show, Part 40:13
26.Swanee River1:27
27.Alabamy Bound1:03
28.Minstrel Show, Part 5 / Waiting For The Robert E. Lee1:41
29.Babes On Broadway0:48
30.End Title0:33
Supplemental Material
31.Main Title1:21
32.Chin Up! Cheerio! Carry On!2:29
33.Leo Is On The Air - Holiday Broadcast14:00
# Track   Duration
1.Main Title and Montage2:22
2.Sam And Delilah0:50
3.Treat Me Rough6:33
4.Eight Miles To Cody1:36
5.So This Is Cody, Wow!1:12
6.Buffalo Mick2:34
7.Rags And Mickey In Wagon1:34
8.Bidin' My Time4:58
9.I Dare You1:50
10.Could You Use Me?3:43
11.Ginger Dear1:09
12.Happy Birthday To You0:36
13.Embraceable You4:56
14.Walking In The Garden4:12
15.Cactus Time In Arizona0:29
16.Cody Closes2:21
17.Barbary Coast1:58
18.Fascinating Rhythm5:26
19.Broncho Montage0:54
20.Broncho Busters2:20
21.Boy! What Love Has Done To Me!3:23
22.Embraceable You reprise3:01
23.Judy And Rags0:50
24.But Not For Me2:30
25.Don't Cry, Rags0:18
26.The Reconciliation2:08
27.I Got Rhythm8:03
28.Mickey Moves The Rock2:29
29.End Title0:51
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