The Marx Brothers Sing & Play

Chansons Cinema (0789368146024)
Film | Date de sortie: 18/04/1995 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
The Cocoanuts (Paramount 1929)
2.Florida By The Sea2:01
3.When My Dream Come TrueMary Eaton, Oscar Shaw2:42
4.When My Dream Come TrueHarpo Marx (clarinet)0:42
5.When My Dream Come TrueHarpo Marx (harp)2:35
6.I Want My ShirtBasile Ruysdael, Chico Marx1:22
7.Chico Plays PianoChico Marx (piano)2:00
8.When My Dreams Come TrueMary Eaton1:34
9.Générique + Butler SongRobert Grieg1:04
Animal Crackers (Paramount 1930)
10.Hooray For Captain SpauldingGroucho Marx, Margaret Dumont, Zeppo Marx5:31
11.Chico Plays PianoChico Marx (piano)3:39
12.Why Am I So Romantic (vocal) / Why Am I So Romantic (harp)Lillian Roth, Louis Sorin, Harpo Marx (harp)6:30
13.Génerique De Fin0:21
Monkey Business (Paramount 1931)
15.Sweet AdelineThe Marx Brothers0:27
17.La Ballade Des Vers LuisantChico Marx (piano)1:49
18.O Sole MioGroucho Marx, Maxime Castle2:31
19.Theme HarpeHarpo Marx (harp)1:52
20.Générique De Fin0:38
Horse Feathers (Paramount 1932)
22.I'm Against ItGroucho Marx3:00
23.Everyone Says I Love YouZeppo Marx1:32
24.Everyone Says I Love YouChico Marx2:20
25.Everyone Says I Love YouHarpo Marx (harp)2:57
26.Everyone Says I Love YouGroucho Marx1:30
27.Générique De Fin0:57
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Duck Soup (Paramount 1933)
2.His Excellency Is DueMargaret Dumont, Zeppo Marx2:25
3.Hymn To FredoniaGroucho Marx, Margaret Dumont2:45
4.Fredonia Is Going To WarThe Marx Brothers3:23
5.Générique De FinMargaret Dumont0:36
A Night At The Opera (MGM 1935)
7.AloneAlan Jones, Kitty Carlisle4:13
8.Santa Lucia1:02
9.Cosi Cosa / Chico Plays PianoAlan Jones, Chico Marx (piano)4:41
10.AloneHarpo Marx (harp)2:56
11.Le TrouvereAlan Jones, Kitty Carlisle2:18
12.Générique De Fin0:46
A Day At The Races (MGM 1937)
14.Blue Venetian WaterAlan Jones2:30
15.Prélude En Do Mi OP 23 / Chico Plays PianoChico Marx (piano)1:29
16.Blue Venetian WaterHarpo Marx (harp)2:28
17.Tomorrow Is Another Day / Who That Man? / Tomorrow Is Another Day / All God's Chillum Got RhythmAlan Jones, The Crinoline Choirs, Ivie Anderson10:13
18.Générique De FiimAlan Jones, The Marx Brothers1:33
Room Service (RKO 1938)
19.RKO Signature / Générique1:08
20.Générique FinThe Marx Brothers1:03
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
At The Circus (MGM 1938)
2.Step Up Take A BowFlorence Rice1:21
3.Two Blind Loves / Train Music / Beer Barrel PolkaFlorence Rice, Kenny Baker, Chico Marx4:25
4.Lydia The Tattooed LadyGroucho Marx3:21
5.Swingali / Blue MoonCrinoline Choirs, Harpo Marx (harp)6:16
6.Two Blind LovesKenny Baker2:29
7.Circus / Step Up Take A Bow / Circus (Générique De FinKenny Baker2:11
Go West (MGM 1940)
9.You Can't Argue With LoveGroucho Marx, June Mc Cloy3:33
10.Chico Plays PianoChico Marx (piano)1:56
11.Riding The RangeJohn Carroll, The Marx Brothers2:49
12.My Bonnie / Thème HarpeThe Marx Brothers, Harpo Marx (harp)4:50
13.Générique De Fin1:12
The Big Store (MGM 1941)
15.If It's YouToni Martins2:30
16.Sing While You SellGroucho Marx7:14
18.Harpo's BazarHarpo Marx (harp)3:51
19.Tenement SymphonyHarpo Marx (harp), Chico Marx, Tony Martins5:48
20.Générique De Fin0:56
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