Breakfast at Tiffany's

Film | Date de sortie: 25/11/2013 | Sortie du film: 1961 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title (Moon River)3:07
2.Paul Meets Cat1:24
3.Sally’s Tomato4:57
4.The Big Blowout1:05
5.Poor Fred3:22
6.Moon River (Cha Cha)2:32
7.Latin Golightly3:05
8.Something For Cat4:48
9.Loose Caboose – Part 1 (À La Cha Cha)3:22
10.Loose Caboose – Part 22:11
11.Moon River (Vocal By Audrey Hepburn)2:03
12.Meet The Doc (With Organ Grinder)1:37
13.An Exceptional Person2:57
14.You’re So Skinny0:57
15.Turkey Eggs2:43
16.Hub Caps And Tail Lights2:19
17.Rats And Super Rats2:27
18.The Hard Way0:55
19.Rusty Trawler0:26
21.A Lovely Place1:33
22.Bermuda Nights0:22
23.The Big Heist4:02
24.After The Ball1:14
25.Just Like Holly1:41
26.Wait A Minute0:44
28.Let’s Eat1:39
29.Where’s The Cat? And End Title (Moon River)3:50
The Extras
30.Moon River (Audrey Hepburn & Guitar)1:38
31.Moon River (Piano And Guitar)1:38
32.Moon River (Harmonica And Guitar)1:36
33.Meet The Doc (Without Organ Grinder)1:37
34.Piano Practice No. 11:38
35.Piano Practice No. 21:48
36.Piano Practice No. 30:54
37.Moon River (New York Version)2:01
38.Moon River (Whistling)0:10
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Label: Intrada MAF 7129
Date: 1961
Tracks: 38
Time = 79:05

At long last! Henry Mancini's all-time most famous score becomes available in its original Academy Award-winning soundtrack performance, in stereo, complete with all knock-out big band numbers and dramatic orchestral cues intact. And achoring all, big surprise, is Mancini & Mercer's also Academy Award-winning masterpiece 'Moon River' sung by Audrey Hepburn. They don't get any more famous. When 1961 Blake Edwards feature, from novel by Truman Capote, first hit screen, movie history was made. Hepburn in her signature role, along with George Peppard, Patricia Neal and Mickey Rooney, bring warmth, romance, fun, tenderness, sorrow, drama all to beautiful tale, with bittersweet Buddy Ebsen earning particular praise. And then there is Cat. Mix Hepburn, Peppard, Cat and Mancini's note-perfect swell of strings and horns soaring with a powerful full orchestral reading of 'Moon River' in that legendary finale... not a viewer in the audience avoids the tears. And none of it has ever been released before, until now! RCA issued multi award-winning and best-selling LP in 1961, offering just 30 minutes of completely re-arranged music in dance fashion. Album was admittedly a masterful selection of Mancini's all-time greatest big band numbers. 'Something For Cat' is an absolute gem! But, incredibly, that same album omitted 'Moon River' save the instrumental opening titles and a cha-cha arrangement. Now enjoy all of those moving variants heard throughout actual soundtrack. But there is more! Note also the dramatic scoring as Ebsen's 'Doc' reveals himself, the complete original version of the heist sequence and the haunting, saddened parting scene at the bus station. Also savor those fabulous big band numbers in their full length, original versions complete with dazzling solo passages, blazing final codas. If that isn't enough, enjoy other unused versions of 'Moon River' made during the sessions plus rare demo, all courtesy Paramount Pictures. Informative notes by Jeff Bond grace interior of booklet, original campaign artwork wraps up memorable package in beautiful bow. Henry Mancini conducts, delivers his greatest masterpiece!

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