24: Season 4
Expanded Score

Film | Date de sortie: 24/04/2005 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Kidnapping the Heller's4:18
2.Chases on the Highway4:57
3.Setting the Stage1:37
4.Araz Family2:43
5.Parntner's Death4:02
6.Securing the Files3:11
7.A Well Done Job0:27
8.the Robbery of Jack3:48
9.One of Us1:56
11.Jack's Reinstated2:08
13.Bullet Wounds4:48
15.Jack and Audrey Escapes6:09
16.Tony's Return1:51
17.Escape Attempt0:43
18.Edgar's Mother Goodbye3:55
19.Taking Action2:30
20.the Switch5:40
21.Interrupting the Helicopter2:56
22.Change of Heart5:42
23.Behrooz is Safe1:06
24.Edgar Stiles3:19
25.City Sleeps2:05
26.Protecting the Shop4:33
27.the Control of the Power Plants3:57
28.Caring Citizens4:30
29.Navi versus Dina2:43
31.Our Thanks1:01
32.Chasing Navi2:03
34.Help on the Way1:58
35.Driscoll Leaves1:49
36.Chloe's Trapped1:57
37.Audrey's Promise2:07
38.McLennan's Foster2:58
39.Ride at Marwan's Headquarter5:54
40.the Exchange with Behrooz7:48
41.Missile Tecnology1:50
42.Presidential Problem7:12
44.Air Force One's been Hit!1:25
45.Crash Site3:10
46.Two Innocent Campers2:36
47.Football Pages are Missing5:37
48.Palmer is Back4:08
49.Audrey Talks with Paul2:29
50.Delayed Reaction2:48
51.Richard Heller Talks3:10
52.Mariner Takedown2:04
53.Assault on the Chinese Embassy6:21
54.'I Hate you Jack!'4:59
55.Mandy's Suite8:18
56.Rescuing Tony4:17
57.the Choice4:28
58.A Kiss Again1:25
59.Chasing Marwan4:49
60.the Missile Heads to L.A6:23
61.At Peace0:49
62.Cheng's Suspicions4:36
63.Covert Operation to Do1:09
64.'You Belong to CTU'5:54
66.Palmer Discovers the Truth3:54
67.Jack Bauer's New Life6:32
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