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The Cell

New Line Records US (0794043900327)
Film | Date: 2000 | Sortie du film: 2000 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.The Cell3:18
2.Carl Rudolph Stargher2:01
4.92 Aqua Green Ford1:30
5.FBI Pathologist2:40
6.Whalen's Infraction2:03
7.Tide Pool5:00
8.Sing A Song Of Sixpence4:09
10.Chlorine And Rust1:31
11.Only Girls Play With Dolls2:20
12.Normal Psychotropics1:49
13.The Seduction2:58
14.Four And Twenty Blackbirds0:57
15.Stargher King6:13
16.Catherine's World4:13
17.The Drowning7:15
18.Scavenged Dolls0:48
19.Vital Signs2:03
Bonus track
20.You Can Find the Feeling (Radio Edit)3:43
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Cell, The (2000)

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