The Blue and The Gray

Film | Date: 2008 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 2000 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title 1:43
2.The Geyser Farm 1:36
3.John Leaves Home; Gettysburg, PA 4:05
4.John Brown1:05
5.John Brown's Sentence 0:44
6.Nell's Cure1:06
7.John Brown's Hanging; On to Gettysburg 1:54
8.Bold Girl; Lester and Emmy 2:49
9.Searching Jonathan's; Jonathan Gets Lynched; Sacred No Longer5:25
10.James Goes to Enlist 0:50
11.Jonas and Mary; Engaged 4:15
12.James Dies 2:17
13.Stone Bridge at Bull Run; Retreat from Bull Run4:32
14.The Apocalypse Seen1:18
15.Lousy Coffee1:00
16.John Calls on Kathy1:01
17.Ready to Duel 0:47
18.Lincoln's Gift 1:22
19.The Hot Air Balloon 4:40
20.Don't Go Away Mad 1:07
21.Newlyweds 3:37
22.Mooney is Murdered 2:27
23.Malachy Runs Again; The Confederate Balloon4:18
24.The Balloon Breaks Free 4:11
25.The Emancipation Proclamation; Sleeping Torment 4:43
26.Deserted Mansion 1:03
27.Emergency Drive 2:11
28.Lester Gets Bombed 1:41
29.Last Goodbyes 1:33
30.Trestle Fire 2:33
# Track   Duration
1.Mary Dies; Something Wrong 4:01
2.Field of the Dead 1:11
3.Brothers 3:11
4.The Caves; The Rattle 2:44
5.Another Murder 1:29
6.Rebels Ahead; Reb Ambush 2:10
7.Wilderness Casualties 2:11
8.Mark Dies3:09
9.Whiskey Anesthetic 2:46
10.Vision of Mary 2:33
11.John Returns Home; Mama's Hopes; John's Decision 6:24
12.Matt Dies 1:19
13.Jonas' Confession 1:36
14.Emma Foiled 0:48
15.Lee's Farewell4:21
16.Jonas' Dream; To Ford's Theater 5:12
17.Portraits & End Credits 2:15
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Finally! 2-CD world premier of original soundtrack from epic Andrew V. McLaglen Civil War mini-series with Lloyd Bridges, Robert Vaughn, Gregory Peck. Bruce Broughton tackles then-biggest project to date with massive score, bookends with rousing theme that plays as training ground for later SILVERADO masterpiece. In between are warm rural themes, dramatic segments, dynamic action cues. Just one of many highlights: Tiny 4-note motif introduced with 'Stone Bridge at Bull Run' becomes powerful, rhythmic anchor for action music to follow. Exciting idea! Entire 2-hour score presented in stereo from only surviving complete 1/4' two-track master elements mixed by engineer Robert Fernandez at recording sessions, made available courtesy Sony Pictures. Bruce Broughton conducts.

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