Walt Disney Records (0050087244927)
Film | Date de sortie: 06/08/2013 | Sortie du film: 2013 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Nothing Can Stop Me NowMark Holman3:14
2.You Don’t Stop NYCChris Classic and Alana D3:49
3.FlyJon Stevens of The Dead Daisies2:58
5.Crop Duster1:20
6.Last Contestant1:27
7.Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place1:06
8.Show Me What You Got1:21
9.Dusty Steps Into History1:06
10.Start Your Engines1:59
11.Leg 2/Bulldog Thanks Dusty2:22
12.Skipper Tries to Fly0:51
13.Dusty & Ishani2:38
14.The Tunnel1:22
15.Running on Fumes3:10
16.Get Above the Storm1:11
17.Dusty Has to Ditch0:58
18.Skipper’s Story2:17
19.You’re a Racer2:52
20.Leg 73:03
21.Skipper to the Rescue1:58
22.Dusty Soars1:32
23.1st Place1:55
24.A True Victory0:41
25.Honorary Jolly Wrench0:53
26.Skipper’s Theme (Volo Pro Veritas)1:31
27.Love MachineCarlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol1:45
28.Ein Crop Duster Can RaceDave Wittenberg1:11
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