Spirited Away

Milan Music (5050466308627)
Film | Date: 2001 | Sortie du film: 2001 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.One Summer's Day...3:09
2.A Road to Somewhere2:07
3.The Empty Restaurant3:15
4.Nighttime Coming2:00
5.The Dragon Boy2:12
7.Procession of the Gods3:00
9.Bathhouse Morning2:02
10.Day of the River...3:13
11.It's Hard Work !2:26
12.The Stink God4:01
13.Sen's Courage2:45
14.The Bottomless Pit1:18
15.Kaonashi (Faceless)3:47
16.The Sixth Station3:38
17.Yubaba's Panic1:38
18.The House at Swamp Bottom1:29
20.The Return3:20
21.Always With MeYoumi Kimura3:35
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