Music Box Collection: The World of Hayao Miyazaki IV

Film | Date: 1990 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Whisper Of The Heart: Country Road4:23
2.Whisper Of The Heart: Floating Clouds, Shining Hills3:19
3.Totoro: Mother1:04
4.Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind3:52
5.Only Yesterday: Love is a Flower, You are the Seed3:45
6.Kiki's Delivery Service: Message of Rouge3:02
7.Kiki's Delivery Service: Been Enveloped By Tenderness3:08
8.On Your Mark6:38
9.Porco Rosso: Marco and Gina's Theme3:05
10.My Neighbors the Yamadas: I Quit Being Alone1:57
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