Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story

Série TV/Film de TV | Date de sortie: 07/01/2000 | Sortie du film: 2000 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Theme1:54
2.Anne & Diana Together Again0:27
3.Anne Travels Through P.E.I1:01
4.First Sight of Green Gables1:07
5.Green Gables Broken Down0:30
6.Diana Prepares Anne's Wedding1:22
7.Anne's Past2:04
8.Anne Wants Green Gables Back0:35
9.Anne and Gil Decide to Marry1:23
10.Anne Loves Gil Wickedly1:16
11.Anne & Gil Leave for N.Y.1:29
12.Anne Enters Winfield Publicity0:26
13.Anne Meets Jack0:15
14.Anne Approaches Jack's Room1:43
15.Jack Revels His Admiration0:44
16.Jack Is In Love0:44
17.Anne Tries to Leave0:20
18.Jack Climbs Wall2:03
19.Kit's Party0:43
20.Jack Criticizes Anne0:35
21.Anne Trips Up0:46
22.Gil Supports Anne1:59
23.Let's Go Back1:17
24.Gil & Anne Return to P.E.I0:49
25.Gilber Buys Green Gables1:11
26.All the Old Memories1:07
27.This Is My House1:06
28.Anne & Gil0:49
29.Call to War1:09
30.Diana and Gill React to War1:23
31.Anne Says Goodbye At the Train Station1:32
32.Anne's Teacher Assignment0:35
33.Anne Decides to Leave1:04
34.Anne Loses Gil At Field Hospital0:26
35.Disaster At Ban-le-Duc1:09
36.Jack In Danger0:31
37.Anne Promises Jack0:35
38.Anne Finds a Clue0:34
39.Maude Makes Arrangements With Anne0:28
40.Jack Implores Anne0:28
41.Jack Reveals His Plan0:35
42.Anne Won't Give Up Gil1:01
43.Anne Finds Gil's Dog Tags0:36
44.Anne Hides Dominic0:34
45.Anne Is Being Followed0:37
46.Anne Is Lost In the War Zone1:51
47.Jack Finds Dominic0:44
48.Kit Garrison's Chateau0:55
49.Jack & Anne Search for Gil1:05
50.Anne & Jack Storm the German City1:44
51.Jack's Armistice Plea1:33
52.Anne Reuinted With Gil1:32
53.Anne Confesses to Jack1:02
54.Anne & Jack Say Goodbye2:04
55.Jack Is Killed1:08
56.Anne & Gil Search for Dominic0:48
57.Anne Goes to Station0:35
59.Anne & Diana Return0:35
60.Anne & Gil Give Up Green Gables1:21
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