Marley & Me

Lakeshore Records (0780163405323)
Film | Date de sortie: 16/12/2008 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Parents of Two1:49
2.Off and Running0:51
3.The Hardest Job1:33
4.Walking the Plank1:30
5.Obedience School1:19
6.Leg Love1:05
7.Two Year Montage3:23
8.Moving to Boca1:53
9.First Sleepless Night2:05
10.When It's Time1:10
11.Off to Ireland1:53
12.Dog Farm1:19
13.Boy and Dog1:00
14.Lost In the Rain0:43
16.All Good Dogs0:55
17.Evil With a Dog Face0:45
18.Labor Pains1:18
19.No Regular Dog1:27
21.Jen Says Goodbye1:50
22.It All Runs Together4:03
23.Heading Home2:15
24.Marley & Me3:32
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