The Raid: Redemption

Mondo Records 24/05/2013 Vinyle - 500 copies
Mondo Records 24/05/2013 Vinyle - 1000 copies (616892113447)


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# Track   Duration
Side One
2.Gear Up3:58
3.The Arrival1:55
4.We Have Company4:51
5.We're Alone Here1:45
6.Quaking Old Fuck0:47
# Track   Duration
Side Two
1.Hole Drop4:22
2.Moving Up, Part 16:19
3.Moving Up, Part 23:09
5.Close Shave2:32
# Track   Duration
Side Three
1.One Way Out1:49
2.Machete Standoff4:37
3.Rama's Family Dream1:15
4.Chair Slam1:17
5.Dirty Cop1:02
6.Jaka Caught0:32
7.Dog Fight2:56
8.Uncle Andi2:28
9.Dead Already1:01
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
Side Four
1.Drug Lab3:45
2.Andi Strung Up2:34
3.Putting a Mad Dog Down7:05
5.Razors.Out(Performed by Chino Morino)4:34
6.Suicide Music(Performed by Get Busy Committee)3:44
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