Wolfen / Deadly Blessing

Film | Date: 2000 | Sortie du film: 1981 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Wolfen Main Title2:23
2.Battery Park2:43
3.Shape Shifting2:12
4.The Indian Bar3:59
5.Close Call1:24
6.Wolfen Call1:45
7.Reflective Moments3:04
8.Wolfen on Wall Street2:56
9.The Truth Revealed3:30
11.End Title4:17
Deadly Blessing
12.Deadly Blessing Main Title2:23
13.A New Day0:57
14.Unwelcome Visitor/Fiery4:09
15.Love Theme1:58
16.A Grisly Discovery1:13
17.A Brief Funeral1:12
19.Vicky and John1:13
20.An Empty Grave1:07
21.Melissa's Awakening/Deadly5:50
22.Final Confrontation4:09
23.Finale/End Credits4:06
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