The Swarm

Bootleg (0019750001526)
Film | Date: 2000 | Sortie du film: 1978 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title / Entering The ICBM Base4:19
2.The Experiment7:09
3.To Houston2:36
4.First Encounter With The Bees2:29
5.Fire Bombs1:29
6.Battle For Houston5:12
7.Paul Leaves The Hospital2:00
8.Wheelchair and Eyeglasses1:10
9.A New Baby / Brad and Helena (Portions Unused)3:18
10.Toxicology Report and Distraught Father4:17
11.Dead Servicemen1:21
12.Dr. Anderson's Report1:07
13.Picnic (Alternate Version)1:07
14.Paul's Hallucination2:06
15.Watching The News (Not Used In The Film)1:45
16.Dropping The Pellets1:07
17.The Burning Of Houston (Portions Not Used In Film)2:26
18.Never Too Old To Love (Not Used In The Film)0:55
19.Clarence's Proposal1:55
20.Roses For Maureen1:30
21.Brad & Walter (Not Used In The Film)1:31
22.Paul's Confession1:45
23.Visiting Helena In The Hospital (Not Used In The Film)1:06
24.News Of The Attack (Not Used In The Film)0:53
25.The Body Bags0:36
26.The Gathering Swarm0:33
27.Destrustion Of The Power Plant / The Train Crash (Portions Not Used In The Film)2:25
28.Picnic Attack2:15
29.General Slater Arrives2:18
30.Finale and End Titles3:02
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