Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Sony Classical (0886973599525)
Film | Date: 2008 | Type: CD, Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Star Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided1:13
2.Admiral Yularen0:56
3.Battle of Christophsis3:19
4.Meet Ahsoka2:44
5.Obi-Wan to the Rescue1:24
6.Sneaking Under the Shield4:25
7.Jabba's Palace0:46
8.Anakin vs. Dooku2:18
9.Landing on Teth1:44
10.Destroying the Shield3:09
11.B'omarr Monastery3:11
12.General Loathsom/Battle Strategy3:08
13.The Shield1:37
14.Battle of Teth2:45
15.Jedi Don't Run!1:22
16.Obi-Wan's Negotiation2:07
17.The Jedi Council2:04
18.General Loathsom/Ahsoka3:40
19.Jabba's Chamber Dance0:42
20.Ziro Surrounded2:20
21.Scaling the Cliff0:46
22.Ziro's Nightclub Band0:53
23.Seedy City Swing0:35
24.Escape from the Monastery3:13
25.Infiltrating Ziro's Lair2:22
26.Courtyard Fight2:41
27.Dunes of Tatooine2:00
28.Rough Landing3:04
29.Padme Imprisoned0:50
30.Dooku Speaks With Jabba1:28
31.Fight to the End3:59
32.End Credits0:51
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