A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Film | Date: 2001 | Type: CD
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# Track   Duration
1.The Mecha World7:03
3.Hide and Seek3:26
4.Stored Memories and Monica's Theme11:43
5.Abandoned in the Woods and Rouge City5:33
6.Stored Memories (Alternate Cue)5:02
7.The Search for the Blue Fairy6:14
10.The Moon Rising (Film Version)5:53
11.The Reunion (Edit)6:59
# Track   Duration
1.Abandoned in the Woods (Alternate Cue)3:07
2.Where Dreams Are Born (End Credits, Pt. 1)4:21
3.Arrival of David2:47
4.A Few Simple Procedures2:42
5.Martin Returns2:04
6.Imprinting David4:03
7.Unused Cue #11:31
8.A Bird2:18
9.Reading Stories1:37
10.Does He Eat?1:02
11.Neither Flesh Nor Blood2:07
12.A Haircut3:47
13.The Pool Sequence1:45
14.A Drive3:28
15.We Found Him2:20
16.Unused Cue #20:47
17.Unused Cue #31:31
18.David and the Supermecha4:00
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