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MovieScore Media (700261239576)
Film | Date: 2008 | Sortie du film: 2005 | Type: CD, Téléchargement
Edition limitée: 500 copies


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# Track   Duration
1.Jacob's Theme2:15
2.The Long Walk0:38
5.Something's Off Here2:08
6.Just Like That1:09
7.On the Boulevard1:32
8.One Day In the Park2:44
9.Jellysmoke (Reprise)2:36
10.On the Boulevard (Reprise)1:18
11.Cindy's Samba2:26
12.Walk / Don't Walk0:48
13.Lost Images2:44
14.What's This?1:00
15.Tell Me Your Secrets2:16
16.Fun Times1:59
17.Jellysmoke (Reprise 2)1:55
18.What Now?1:56
19.The Dream2:55
20.Please Help1:49
21.Tired of Running1:38
22.Jacob's Theme (Reprise)2:31
23.Losing: Part I2:07
24.Judas Paul0:48
25.Losing: Part II2:02
Unknown Soldier
26.Opening Party2:37
27.City Biking1:22
28.Teen Hijinks3:01
29.Fire Escape Meeting0:55
30.Ellison's Pain3:08
32.Can't Sleep Here1:11
33.Ellison's Choice2:27
34.The Escape5:12
35.End Credits3:24
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