Film | Date de sortie: 01/04/1998 | Sortie du film: 1998 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Honor to Us AllBeth Fowler, Marni Nixon, Lea Salonga3:03
2.ReflectionLea Salonga2:12
3.I'll Make a Man Out of YouDonny Osmond3:22
4.A Girl Worth Fighting ForHarvey Fierstein, James Hong, Lea Salonga, Jerry Tondo, Matthew Wilder2:26
5.True to Your Heart98° and Stevie Wonder3:13
6.Attack At the Wall2:16
8.The Matchmaker1:55
9.Short Hair3:17
10.One Chance1:23
11.The Master Plan1:00
12.Shan Yu1:01
14.Shoulders Back1:57
16.The Real Work1:49
17.Morning Assembly1:11
18.Deserted Village1:07
19.Bogus Letter0:58
20.Letter Delivered0:39
21.The Doll Survives3:16
22.Save the Cannons1:21
23.The Huns Attack1:54
25.What's Wrong with Ping?2:45
26.Truth All Around3:25
27.Imperial Palace1:34
28.The Imperial Palace0:44
29.Sword Snatcher0:45
31.A Lucky Bug2:41
33.The Pendant0:46
34.The Sword1:17
35.Reflection (Pop Version)Christina Aguilera3:34
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