Basic Instinct
Complete Score

Film | Date: 2001 | Sortie du film: 1992 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Main Title2:13
2.Blondage & Death (Original Version)1:41
3.Blondage & Death (Alternate Version)1:38
4.Meet Catherine5:18
5.Love Hurts0:46
6.A Killer Profile0:53
7.The Wrong Woman2:50
8.Crossed Legs4:51
9.Rough Stuff (Original Version)2:27
10.Rough Stuff (MPAA Edit Version)2:12
11.Night Life6:04
12.Hazel Dobkins1:17
14.A Terrific Character (Cut from Film)0:57
15.Blondage & Death (MPAA Edit Version)1:42
16.Hellraiser TV Clip Source Cue Christopher Young0:30
17.Like a Hole in the Head1:29
18.Kitchen Help (Alternate Version)4:03
# Track   Duration
1.Kitchen Help (Film Version)3:59
2.Pillow Talk (Original Version)5:01
3.Pillow Talk (MPAA Edit Version)4:44
4.Morning After2:30
5.Roxy Loses3:41
6.Catherine's Sorrow2:43
7.Lisa Hoberman2:26
8.Beth Fesses Up1:33
9.A New Ending1:06
10.The Games Are Over5:49
11.You Think You Know Someone1:42
12.An Unending Story (Alternate Version)1:35
13.An Unending Story (Film Version)/End Credits7:59
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