Big Wednesday

Film | Date: 2000 | Sortie du film: 1978 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title4:10
2.Hung Over Morning1:12
3.Still Hanging Ten, Riding the Morning Glass3:43
4.Hanging at the Beach0:29
5.Outside (unreleased)2:04
6.West Swell0:57
7.Bear's Lament1:11
8.Bear's Wedding2:53
9.Jack's Lonesome Ride2:38
10.Jack's Farewell Party2:42
11.WInter Swell and Waxer's Death1:40
12.Waxer's Funeral1:01
13.Liquid Dreams song1:43
14.Jack's Back and Paddling Out2:04
15.Matt and Jack Reunited Part 10:42
16.Matt and Jack Reunited Part 20:43
17.Great Swell1:16
18.Big Wednesday, Wipe Outs2:09
19.Matt, Jack & Leroy Reunion, Paddling Out & Riding Big Waves5:21
20.Matt, Jack & Leroy Surfer Legends Medley (unreleased)3:09
21.Matt's Ultimate Tubular Ride2:25
22.Three Friends Reflect and Say Goodbye3:02
23.Three Friends Theme2:11
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