Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Collection Volume One

La-La Land Records 12/02/2013 CD - 3000 copies (826924123928)


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 1–3) Dennis McCarthy1:55
The Storyteller #414
2.Quaker Odo Dennis McCarthy2:18
3.Take It Off! / Que Sirah, Sirah/Blowin' in the Wind Dennis McCarthy5:27
4.The Big Wrap Up Dennis McCarthy1:27
Duet #419
5.Revelation /Poloiusized Dennis McCarthy3:32
In the Hands of the Prophets #420
6.Sisko Sails / And So Ends Year One Dennis McCarthy2:21
The Homecoming #421
7.The Great Escape Dennis McCarthy2:50
The Circle #422
8.Orbosity Dennis McCarthy3:16
9.Kira's Rescue Dennis McCarthy1:48
Crossover #443
10.Bajoranosity Dennis McCarthy1:36
11.O'Brien Joins In/Escape Dennis McCarthy5:34
Life Support #459
12.He's Toast Dennis McCarthy3:00
The Die Is Cast #467
13.Torture Dennis McCarthy2:47
14.Sandbagged Dennis McCarthy1:34
15.Demolished / Escape / Hard to Digest Dennis McCarthy8:21
Explorers #468
16.Home Improvement Dennis McCarthy0:56
17.Sailing Dennis McCarthy2:13
18.Fireworks Dennis McCarthy2:23
The Visitor #476
19.One Last Visit Dennis McCarthy2:58
Shattered Mirror #492
20.Charge Dennis McCarthy4:08
Once More Unto the Breach #557
21.Volunteer/Die With Honor Dennis McCarthy6:42
Far Beyond the Stars #538
22.Back to the Future Dennis McCarthy2:17
You Are Cordially Invited #531
23.Coming Home Dennis McCarthy0:45
24.Hirsute Pastola / Klingon Wedding Drums / The Ceremony/Bashing Dennis McCarthy0:56
25.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine End Credits (Seasons 1–3) Dennis McCarthy0:56
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 4–7) Dennis McCarthy1:55
The Search - Part I #447
2.Recap Jay Chattaway2:03
3.The Adventure Begins / Run Silent, Run Deep Jay Chattaway4:05
4.Toothless Tiger Jay Chattaway2:51
The Search II #448
5.The Ultimate Handjob Jay Chattaway1:17
6.Destroying the Wormhole / Not Quite Home Jay Chattaway4:09
Broken Link #498
7.Odo Goes Solid Jay Chattaway2:07
8.What I've Lost / Generous Offer / See You Next Year Jay Chattaway2:26
By Inferno's Light #513
9.Clash of the Titans Jay Chattaway3:39
10.Heavy Hitters Jay Chattaway4:00
11.Armageddon Denied Jay Chattaway3:40
Call to Arms #524
12.Battle Preparations Jay Chattaway1:37
13.Garak Returns / First Wave/Abandon Ship Jay Chattaway6:29
14.I Shall Return Jay Chattaway2:50
15.Program Sisko / Gotta Job to Do/Message in Horsehide Jay Chattaway4:53
One Little Ship #537
16.The First Shall Be the Last Jay Chattaway3:41
Strange Bedfellows #569
17.The Red Eye Jay Chattaway2:09
18.The Dark Side Jay Chattaway4:18
The Changing Face of Evil #570
19.Defiant Ending Jay Chattaway3:09
20.Damar Is the Key / Jay Speaks Jay Chattaway8:05
Our Man Bashir #482 (Source Cues)
21.Girls in a Cage (The Fab DS9 Band) Jay Chattaway3:09
22.Go-Go #2 (Disco Casino) Jay Chattaway2:13
23.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine End Credits (Seasons 4–7) Dennis McCarthy1:04
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 4–7, Alternate Mix) Dennis McCarthy1:55
The Nagus #411
2.Mysterious Visitor / Nagus Revealed John Debney2:35
Progress #415
3.Yamok Sauce John Debney1:39
4.No. 5 Consort John Debney2:36
5.Saving a Friend John Debney3:09
The House of Quark #449
6.Quark's Big Gamble / Play It Again, Quark Richard Bellis1:55
The Sword of Kahless #481
7.Worf and Kor Fight / Sword Tumbles Into Space David Bell3:46
The Ascent #507
8.Quark Ties Splint / Trudging Montage David Bell1:53
9.Quark Musters and Moves / Beamed to Safety / I Meant Every Word David Bell3:19
Soldiers of the Empire #519
10.Martok and Worf Fight David Bell3:28
Soldiers of Angels #530
11.Teaser Recap David Bell1:49
12.Klingon Fleet to the Rescue David Bell2:40
13.Dukat Searches for Ziyal / Damar Shoots Ziyal David Bell2:34
In the Pale Moonlight #543
14.Computer, What Day Is It? / It's a Fake David Bell2:17
15.Sisko Punches Garak / I Can Live With It David Bell2:41
Take Me Out to the Holosuite #554
16.Solok Watches Batting Practice David Bell3:12
Convenant #559
17.Followers Throw Pills / Makes Him More Dangerous David Bell2:57
Tacking Into the Wind #572
18.Worf Kills Gowron David Bell3:33
The Assignment #504
19.Man on a Mission / An Electrifying Resolution Gregory Smith4:59
Field of Fire #563
20.Joran's Nocturne Gregory Smith2:53
21.Ezri Gets Her Man / Joran's Outta Here Gregory Smith5:19
Little green Men #480
22.The Chase / A-Bomb / So Long, Brother Paul Baillargeon5:18
Children of Time #480
23.Feeding the Soil Paul Baillargeon4:29
The Siege of AR-558 #558
24.War Adagio Paul Baillargeon3:46
25.Cost of Victory Paul Baillargeon1:52
26.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine End Credits (Seasons 4–7, Alternate Mix) Dennis McCarthy1:04
# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 1–3, without effects) Dennis McCarthy1:55
Our Man Bashir #482
2.Smashing (Bashir Back in Action) / Holosuite Buddies Jay Chattaway1:33
3.Major Gigabytes Jay Chattaway1:54
4.Interesting Jewelry / Acme Cigar Jay Chattaway2:08
5.Diabolical Jay Chattaway1:04
6.Smooth Talker / Attitude Adjustment Jay Chattaway4:59
7.End Game (Julian Bashir Will Return) Jay Chattaway2:54
Trials and Tribble-ations #503
8.The Inspectors / Ye Olde Shippe Dennis McCarthy1:49
9.New Old Dress / The Old Interior Dennis McCarthy1:37
10.Prelude / Famous Fight Dennis McCarthy2:18
11.Squash Dennis McCarthy1:09
12.Tribbomb Dennis McCarthy0:32
13.Finding the Bomb Dennis McCarthy2:38
14.The Big Goodbye Dennis McCarthy1:47
15.Tribble Infestation Dennis McCarthy0:58
What You Leave Behind #575/576
16.Last Frolic / Promises / Moving Out Dennis McCarthy0:57
17.Loop de Loop / Casualities of War / Colm Fesses Up Dennis McCarthy4:17
18.Saved! /Turncoats / Ms. Mojo Dennis McCarthy6:11
19.Revenge / El Mondo Visualo / Damar Buys the Farm / Into the Fray Dennis McCarthy9:36
20.Death/Treaty / Mojo Yojo Dennis McCarthy4:03
21.Final Battle / Trapped Dennis McCarthy3:57
22.Finality / The Way You Look Tonight Dennis McCarthy6:49
23.Goodbyes / Lookin' Good Dennis McCarthy3:34
24.Farewell / Dennis Speaks! Dennis McCarthy2:26
25.Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Theme for Solo Piano Dennis McCarthy5:08
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