Komada A Whisky Family

2023 DMM.com 01/04/2024 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2023


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Whisky of family ties0:55
2.Kotaro pococurante1:38
3.Welcome to the Komada Distillery1:04
4.Rome wasn't built in a day2:04
6.Persistence pays off??2:13
7.It's not for me1:14
8.What you like you will do well1:01
9.We're not so close1:13
10.Are you really up for it!?1:00
11.Broken bond2:26
12.Farewell to father4:31
13.Make a comeback2:49
14.Beginner's mistake1:05
15.I wanna get back0:55
16.It's fire!1:11
17.Do what you want1:53
18.Start over again1:26
19.Trial and error5:19
20.Kei & Kotaro1:13
21.Fragment of hope1:27
22.Family's thoughts1:56
24.ITO for spinning a top1:08
26.Dear my futureRui feat. Rui Komada/CV:Saori Hayami5:19
27.Dear My Future5:19
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