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A Little Princess

Colosseum (4005939562823)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206562828)
Film | Date de sortie: 09/05/1995 | Sortie du film: 1995 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Ramayana: A Morning Raga2:02
2.Children Running0:53
3.Cristina Elisa Waltz3:02
4.The Miss Minchin School For Girls1:38
5.Knowing you by Heart2:33
7.Letter to Papa1:38
8.Angel Wings1:06
9.False Hope1:57
10.The Trenches1:02
11.Crewe And the soldier1:22
13.The Attic2:00
14.On Anothers Sorrow1:16
15.The Shawl0:55
16.Tyger Tyger0:32
18.For the Princess1:36
19.Kindle My Heart3:00
20.The Locket Hunt3:00
21.Midnight Tiptoe1:11
22.I am a Princess1:13
23.Just Make me Believe1:33
24.Touched by an Angel1:41
25.Emilla Elopes1:36
26.The Escape2:59
28.The Goodbye4:18
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A Little Princess - 10/10 - Critique de Kim Gérard, ajouté le
Ce film fut un pur chef d'oeuvre !!!
Tant par sa beauté humaine et par sa qualité musicale !
Qui ne se souvient pas de la chanson " Kindle my heart" ?
Un bijoux chanté par Abigail Doyle mais aussi Lisel Mattews. Avec la pureté de leur voix, elles ont gravé cette chanson dans mon coeur pour l'éternité !!!
Raised in the distant jungles of India, a young girl lives in a world filled with magical tales, exotic experiences and the adoring love of her father. This is the charming story of the power of one girl's imagination and spirit to change her life and the fortunes around her. It is written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of some of the most enduring children's classics, including The Secret Garden.

Sara Crewe (LIESEL MATTHEWS) is a wealthy, precocious and loving child. When her widowed father, Captain Crewe (LIAM CUNNINGHAM), is called to war, Sara is sent from the carefree environs of her home in India to a strict New York boarding school. Sara must use her inner resources of warmth, imagination and principle to overcome hardship when she suddenly is informed that her father has been lost in battle and she is alone and penniless.

The wonderful music score for A LITTLE PRINCESS was composed by Patrick Doyle. Some of Doyle's most recent scores include the acclaimed Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and Dead Again. Here, Doyle has composed a lush and magical score that is exotic and incredibly beautiful. A LITTLE PRINCESS is probably the best and most captivating soundtrack of the year 1995.

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