An American Haunting

Film | Date: 2006 | Type: Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
2.The Warning1:47
3.Waking From the Nightmare1:21
4.The Manuscript1:51
5.Something Evil Here1:55
6.Entity's First Attack1:40
7.Ethereal Girl2:37
8.Wolf In the Garden1:47
9.Curse of Kate Batts1:11
11.A Violent Attack2:56
12.Voice In Her Head2:01
13.Entity's Reminder2:46
14.The Cave3:45
15.Attack On Betsy & Theny6:20
16.John Bell's Curse5:01
17.Carriage Attack4:14
18.The Truth Revealed3:47
19.A Promise Fulfilled2:38
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