The Glory - Part. 2

Netflix Music 10/03/2023 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Prelude to the Glory (Jung Se Rin)4:34
2.My Long-Term Plan (Kim Jun Seok)3:42
3.Strange Feelings (Jung Se Rin)1:56
4.The Land Farther Than the Sky (Jung Se Rin)3:47
5.Designed Revenge (Jung Se Rin)4:07
6.An Overshadowed Soul (Joo In Ro)2:37
7.Meaningless Life (Joo In Ro)3:06
8.The Song of the Morning Glory (Jung Se Rin)2:29
9.The Way to Get to You(Lee Yun Ji)2:54
10.Regret (Kim Taejin)3:08
11.Bad Relationship (Jung Se Rin)3:06
12.To Yeonjin (Jung Se Rin)4:38
13.It's Not a Fairy Tale, It's a Fable (Faure : Requiem Op. 48IV. Pie Jesu) (feat. Min Ki Jeong) (Gabriel Fauré & Bon Choon Koo)6:00
14.Dark Tunnel (Lee Yun Ji)4:15
15.Memories That Cannot Be Erased (SIM HEE JIN)2:13
16.Desire in Silence (Hong Eun Ji)4:21
17.Silent Man's Wrath (KANG MIN GOO)2:45
18.A Silent Game (Kim Jeong Wan)4:13
19.Anger and Hatred (Joo In Ro)2:59
20.Unescapable Nightmare (KANG MIN GOO)2:59
21.White Night (Kim Jeong Wan)3:40
22.That Laugh of Yours (Bon Choon Koo)2:04
23.The Solidarity of the Victims (Hong Eun Ji)3:12
24.Thanks to You, Teacher (Bon Choon Koo)3:21
25.Achilles Heel (Kim Taejin)4:32
26.The Perpetrators (Kim Jeong Wan)4:27
27.Vanity (Jeong Hye Bin)2:51
28.How They Used to Be(Bon Choon Koo)1:42
29.How I Survive (SIM HEE JIN)2:19
30.Devil's Laughter (KANG MIN GOO)2:11
31.Fury (Hong Eun Ji)2:39
32.Vortex of Revenge (Jeong Hye Bin)2:48
33.Evidence (KANG MIN GOO)3:10
34.Operational Design (SIM HEE JIN)2:29
35.My Path Is Destined (Kim Taejin)3:23
36.A Cheerful Investigation (Hong Eun Ji)1:48
37.The Long-Awaited Reply from Her (KANG MIN GOO)1:46
38.It Was a Happy Memory (Lee Yun Ji)4:37
39.The Days I Was Alive (Kim Jeong Wan)4:45
40.Strong Helper (SIM HEE JIN)2:51
41.Mutual Assistance (Jung Se Rin)2:40
42.Title of the Glory (Jung Se Rin)1:06
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