Red Tungsten
Original theater show soundtrack

547Studio 21/11/2022 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.In the Quiet Suburb3:27
2.We Will Make You Red TungstenKrasnyi Volfram aka Elektrozawodsk feat. Olga Shirokostup & Asia Barinova1:44
3.Berlin-Moscow. The Dance of the Filament Drawing3:27
4.Good Morning, Comrade Dzerzhinsky3:33
5.The Birth of An Idea from the Steam2:30
6.Russian Souvenir4:17
7.Rally at the Electric Plant3:14
8.Happy New Year 1937!2:10
9.German or Not German3:54
10.New Year Chimes1:47
11.The Return of the Heart3:25
12.Time Will Forgive2:05
13.Metronome steps2:10
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