The Lee Holdridge Collection Vol. 1

Dragons Domain Recording 30/09/2022 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:13
2.The Trucks0:53
3.I Have Something to Tell You1:44
4.I Trusted You Not to Die2:23
5.Bike Ride1:45
6.Mother Alive / Mattie Returns Home / Race to Find Hart1:37
7.Looking for Answers1:22
8.F.B.I. Search2:12
9.Arrival in London1:55
10.Bedroom Memories1:53
11.Kathryn on the Street in Tears2:38
12.In the Park2:02
13.Dinner / The Next Day1:23
14.Tailing the Guy to Find Murie / Spotting the Guy2:34
15.The Truth Revealed3:45
16.Kathryn's Journey to Ireland1:28
17.The Journey Continues1:44
18.Goodbye to Jack / Family Reunion3:56
19.Main Title3:55
20.Prison Windows / Distant Shots1:38
21.The Will2:46
22.A Done Deal / Mangeot's Farewell1:11
24.The Ring / Butterfly3:04
25.Parents Grave2:29
26.Handwriting / Terese is Tired1:04
27.Backstairs / The Dining Room1:42
28.Photo Album1:18
30.Coat Pockets / Chavel's Comfort3:13
31.Town Square / Imposter's Return / Blank Slip / Country Road3:08
32.Final Words / End Credits1:39
34.Dance Hall0:52
35.Paso Doble0:43
36.Slow Waltz0:52
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