Raven's Hollow - Vol. 1

Vision Sonics 22/09/2022 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2022


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# Track   Duration
1.Lavender's Blue–Mary Keene's Walk2:36
2.Mary Keene's Death1:14
3.Forest to the Rack-Threshold to Raven's Hollow5:05
4.Charlotte and Poe1:35
5.Boarding House0:40
6.Doc and Daniel0:27
7.Usher Warns Cadets Again2:10
8.Poe and the Ghost1:00
9.Cricke's Takeout2:02
10.Boarding House to Church2:15
11.Charlotte and Poe and Usher's Interrogation2:12
12.1st Horse Chase0:55
13.Dog with Hand-Old Man Clay5:02
14.Cricke's Head3:31
15.Church Reveal1:50
16.Exploding Man and Creature Rising1:17
17.Lutz's Ghost-Henge-Pig Fest4:28
18.Mary Keene Story1:30
19.Cabin to the Gate and Raven's Hollow4:19
20.Graveyard and the Raven's Reveal3:59
21.Poe on the Rack-Usher's Madness-Poe and Charlotte7:16
22.Into the Twilight3:40
23.Edgar Poe1:38
24.End Credit Roller6:44
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