Date Titre
2004Cecil B. DeMille: American Epic
2002The Rising of the Moon
2002Taking the Wheel
2002Far from Heaven
2000Keeping the Faith
2000Chinese Coffee
1999Wild, Wild West: The Steel Assassin
1999The Deep End of the Ocean
1999Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
1999Imagining 'Heavy Metal'
1999Bringing Out the Dead
1998Puppies for Sale
1998Granada: Agua Sin Pausa
1995Frankie Starlight
1995Devil in a Blue Dress
1995Canadian Bacon
1995A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies
1993The Good Son
1993The Cemetery Club
1993The Age of Innocence
1993Mad Dog and Glory
1993Lost in Yonkers
1992The Babe
1991Rambling Rose
1990The Field
1990One Day in Dallas
1989My Left Foot
1988The Good Mother
1988Funny Farm
1987Leonard Part 6
1987Amazing Grace and Chuck
1986¡Three Amigos!
1986Legal Eagles
1985Marie Ward - Zwischen Galgen und Glorie
1984Prince Jack
1983Trading Places
1983Michael Jackson: Thriller
1983Episode #2.1
1982Five Days One Summer
1982Airplane II: The Sequel
1981The Chosen
1981Honky Tonk Freeway
1981Going Ape!
1981An American Werewolf in London
1980This Year's Blonde
1980Saturn 3
1980Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones
1979Zulu Dawn
1979The Great Santini
1979A Report on the IBM Exhibition Center
1978Masks (Polavision Vignette)
1978Macbeth (Polavision Vignette)
1978Episode #1.1
1978Degas in the Metropolitan
1978Art Game
1977The Look of America
1977The 3,000 Mile Chase
1977Powers of Ten
1977Daumier: Paris and the Spectator
1977Calypso's Search for the Britannic
1977Billy Jack Goes to Washington
1976The Incredible Sarah
1976The Deadly Game
1976From Noon Till Three
1976Chapter VIII
1976Chapter VII
1976Chapter VI
1976Chapter II
1976Chapter I
1975Too Many Suspects
1975Report to the Commissioner
1975Mr. Quilp
1975Metropolitan Overview
1974The Trial of Billy Jack
1974The Desertion of Keith Ryder
1974Nightmare Honeymoon
1974Men of the Dragon
1974House of Friends
1973They've Got to Blame Somebody
1973The Pool House
1973The Camerons Are a Special Clan
1973Seed of Doubt
1973Peary's Race for the North Pole
1973Incident on a Dark Street
1973Franklin & Jefferson Proposal Film
1973Child of Wednesday
1973Cahill U.S. Marshal
1973An Often and Familiar Ghost
1973A Girl Named Tham
1973A Field of Honor
1972Words of Summer
1972To Taste of Terror
1972Time Is the Fire
1972The Magnificent Seven Ride!
1972The Last of the Wild Mustangs
1972The Informant
1972The Crucifixion of Jesus
1972The Crucifixion of Jesus
1972The Commitment
1972The Bear That Didn't Get Up
1972The Amazing Mr. Blunden
1972Surrender at Appomattox
1972Smiles from Yesterday
1972Rabbits on the Runway
1972Love Child
1972Five Will Get You Six
1972Dead, Like a Lost Dream
1972Cortez and Montezuma: The Conquest of an Empire
1972Concrete Valley, Neon Sky
1972Computer Perspective
1972Charlie Gave Me Your Number
1972A Very Special Piece of Ground
1971The Triangle
1971The Tell-Tale Heart
1971The Plot to Murder Hitler
1971The Last Days of John Dillinger
1971Shadow of a Name
1971See No Evil
1971Legacy of Fear
1971Eulogy for a Wide Receiver
1971Doctors' Wives
1971Computer Landscape
1971Big Jake
1971Alaska Wilderness Lake
1971A Pattern of Morality
1970The Unfinished Journey of Robert Kennedy
1970The Liberation of L.B. Jones
1970Kifaru... The Black Rhino
1970Cannon for Cordoba
1970A Walk in the Spring Rain
1969Where's Jack?
1969True Grit
1969The Wolf Men
1969The Gypsy Moths
1969The Bridge at Remagen
1969Midas Run
1969Guns of the Magnificent Seven
1968Who's a Freud of Ginger Wolfe?
1968The Scalphunters
1968The Interview
1968The Good Thieves
1968The Emperor of Rice
1968The Challenge
1968Sorry, Right Number
1968Run of the Savage
1968Mama's Man
1968IBM Museum
1968I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas
1968I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!
1968Fall of a Hero
1968Days of Wrath
1968A Rough Sketch for a Proposed Film Dealing with the Powers of Ten and the Relative Size of Things in the Universe
1968A Computer Glossary
1967Time After Midnight
1967Thoroughly Modern Millie
1967The Disappearance
1967The Buffalo Man
1967Night of the Executioner
1967Night in a Small Town
1967Journey Into Violence
1967Four Days to Furnace Hill
1967A Flock of Trouble
1966Voyage of the Brigantine Yankee
1966The Silencers
1966Return of the Magnificent Seven
1966Cast a Giant Shadow
19667 Women
1965Westinghouse in Alphabetical Order
1965View from the People Wall
1965The Smithsonian Institute
1965The Reward
1965The Hallelujah Trail
1965Sherlock Holmes in the Singular Case of the Plural Green Mustache
1965In Search of Man
1965IBM Puppet Shows
1965IBM at the Fair
1965France: Conquest to Liberation
1965Baby the Rain Must Fall
1964The World of Henry Orient
1964The Swashbucklers
1964The Carpetbaggers
1964Some Sort Of Cage
1964Paul Newman: Actor in a Hurry
1964On Location: Night of the Iguana
1964In Search of Kim Novak
1964House of Science
1964Four Days in November
1964A Thousand Days: A Tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy
1963The One and Only Bing
1963The Making of the President 1960
1963The Great Escape
1963The Funny Men: Part 2
1963The Caretakers
1963Sirens, Symbols & Glamour Girls: Part 2
1963Project: Man in Space
1963Love with the Proper Stranger
1963Kings of the Sun
1963Hollywood: The Great Stars
1962To Kill a Mockingbird
1962Savage Sunday
1962San Francisco Fire
1962Hollywood: The Fabulous Era
1962D-Day June 6, 1944
1962Birdman of Alcatraz
1962A Girl Named Tamiko
1961The Young Doctors
1961The Comancheros
1961Summer and Smoke
1961IBM Mathematics Peep Show
1961Hollywood: The Golden Years
1960Three Graves
1960The Treasure of Hawk Hill
1960The Sellout
1960The Rat Race
1960The Quick Noose
1960The Only Witness
1960The Night of the Faceless Men
1960The Mask of Jason
1960The Man in the Pit
1960The Long Trail
1960The List of Death
1960Swinging Long Hair
1960Night of Jeopardy
1960Introduction to Feedback
1960Hang the Men High
1960From the Terrace
1960Forbidden Island
1960Double Feature
1960An Angry Young Man
1960An Act of Terror
1960A Nice Little Town
1959Witness No Evil
1959Viva, Paco!
1959The Wild Reed
1959The Unwise Men
1959The Unwilling
1959The Story on Page One
1959The Stone
1959The Shop of the Four Winds
1959The Return
1959The Race for Space
1959The Poet's Touch
1959The Parents
1959The Naked Truth
1959The Incredible Jewel Robbery
1959The Fight Back
1959The Faithless
1959The Barrier
1959Payment in Full
1959Nobody's Child
1959Nature of the Night
1959Murder for Credit
1959Glimpses of the USA
1959Fly Baby, Fly
1959Collector's Item
1959Caesar and Cleopatra
1959About Roger Mowbray
1959A Race to Cincinnati
1959A Piece of Paradise
1959A Night at Trapper's Landing
1958Take five
1958Some Came Running
1958Kings Go Forth
1958God's Little Acre
1958Desire Under the Elms
1958Blaze of Glory
1958Battle for a Soul
1958At Miss Minner's
1958Anna Lucasta
1957Toccata for Toy Trains
1957The Information Machine
1957Sweet Smell of Success
1957Men in War
1956The Naked Eye
1956Eames Lounge Chair
1955The View from Pompey's Head
1955The Man with the Golden Arm
1955The Eternal Sea
1955Storm Fear
1955It's a Dog's Life
1955House: After Five Years of Living
1954Silent Raiders
1954Miss Robin Crusoe
1954Make Haste to Live
1953Robot Monster
1953Cat-Women of the Moon
1953A Communications Primer
1952Sudden Fear
1952Boots Malone
1952Battles of Chief Pontiac
1951Saturday's Hero