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The King of Fighters XV

SNK Neo Sound Records 01/08/2022 Descarga
Soundtrack de videojuego Estreno de película: 2021


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# Pista   Duración
2.Main Menu3:49
3.Member select2:06
7.Battle Intro0:19
8.Under the Control of ・・・4:12
9.Result Win1:43
10.Time for revolution It’s our generation3:45
11.Fictitious or Real4:17
12.Midway Scene1:21
13.Slushy Road3:59
15.Resonant Objects4:54
17.Enter the Venue3:18
18.Great Grit4:06
19.Ride the Big Wave!4:08
20.How About a Trip to PAOPAO CAFÉ?4:18
21.Result Win20:48
22.Like a Queen4:01
23.Femme Fatale4:17
24.Follow Me!3:19
25.Mid Boss Intro10:27
26.Mid Boss Intro20:58
27.Order Select Re Verse0:56
28.Re Verse ~Edit6:30
29.Boss Intro1:22
31.Absolute Denial2:34
32.Boss Defeat10:46
33.Boss Defeat21:01
34.Boss Defeat30:59
35.Team Hero Ending4:43
37.Here I Am5:35
38.Sobagaramakura(Destiny Battle1)3:18
39.Result Lose1:06
40.Sand and Mud(Destiny Battle2)3:45
41.No.53(Destiny Battle3)4:22
42.Bloody KOF XV ver.(Destiny Battle4)3:41
43.I Was THE KING OF FIGHTERS(Special Conditions1)4:52
44.A Storm of Cheers KOF XV ver.(Destiny Battle5)3:03
45.CLUBM ~Flute in the Blue Sky~ KOF XV ver.(Destiny Battle6)3:47
46.Psycho Soldier 2018(Special Conditions2)3:21
47.KD0084 KOF XV ver.(Destiny Battle7)4:15
48.Good bye ESAKA KOF XV Ver.(Destiny Battle8)3:15
49.Sadistic Eyes2:41
50.Team Rival Ending3:15
51.Team Sacred Treasures Ending2:13
52.Team Ash Ending2:33
53.Team Krohnen Ending3:23
54.Team Oroch Ending3:05
55.Team K' Ending3:27
56.Team G.A.W Ending3:23
57.Team IKARI Ending3:10
58.Team Fatal Fury Ending3:05
59.Team Art of Fighting Ending4:33
60.Team Super Heroine Ending2:18
61.Team Secret Agent Ending3:51
63.Mid Boss Intro1 (Team Rival)0:48
64.Mid Boss Intro2 (Team Rival)0:40
65.Mid Boss Intro (Team Sacred Treasures)0:35
66.Mid Boss Intro (Team Ash)0:50
67.Mid Boss Intro (common)0:28
68.Boss Defeat (common)0:33
69.DJ STATION Menu4:24
70.NEOMINI part I1:32
71.NEOMINI part II2:19
72.NEOMINI Special Arrange3:35
73.Re Verse ~Medley5:01
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